A powerful screen capture tool

Postimage is a very easy to use application that was especially designed to provide you with a means of taking snapshots of your entire desktop or of a portion of it.

You can manually set the area size and after the capture is made, the image can be saved or shared online directly. Postimage can also send to the system clipboard the URL of a shared screenshot, so you can save it easily.

Please note, application is under active development. If you have any suggestions or bug-reports, please use your contact form to leave us a message.

Download (for Windows):


setup.zip (portable edition)



1) In "Windows Explorer" select a file or group of files/directories you want to publish, click the right mouse button, select "Send to -> Postimage".

2) By pressing Print Screen, you can choose a specific area of your desktop.

3) You can also access Postimage from the taskbar.

4) Editing tools include annotating (rectangles, circles, texts, arrowed lines, highlights), cropping, watermarking, shadow effect and many more.

5) Uploads images to Postimage.org and returns the direct image URLs.


1.0.1 (July 21, 2013)

1.0.0 (June 10, 2013)

0.9.3 (May 24, 2013)

0.9.2 (May 16, 2013)

0.9.1 (April 21, 2013)

0.9.0 BETA (March 28, 2013)